Why our leafy vegetables look a little dried?

After have harvested from the farm, we are not sprinkling water on the leafy vegetables.
The reason, it lasts longer and sustains its original taste without sprinkling water.

Why the weight of green vegetables varies by 10-20 gms?

Variation in the weight of the products applies to all fresh and green agro products.
We bring fresh agro products from the Farm. Then we sort and pack. As time passed, evaporation of water vapors from the surface of the products takes place.
The rate of evaporation varies with respect to ambient temperature. After packing the products, it takes almost 6-7 hours to reach to you. Hence, the weight of the products reduces. Although, we are taking corrective measures by adding 3-4% extra, sometimes, due to variation in ambient temperature, the weight of the agro products may reduce further by 1/2 %.
Hence, sometimes you find variation in the weight.

What if some vegetables or other products you supply find spoiled?

As the green/fresh vegetables and fruits are of perishable nature, it happens.
As an end-user, please bring it to our notice, by sending a picture(s) of the product(s) on our what’s app number. We will replace the product in your subsequent order and no charges will be applicable.

We are taking fruits and vegetables from you for our entire week. The products we order are large in varieties (20- 50 nos). What if you miss anyone or other products loading in our basket?

It is quite possible. Such errors are inadvertent mistakes / manual errors. In such a case, please bring it to our notice. We credit the amount equal to the price of the product missed in your Teta Wallet or we provide it in the subsequent order.

Are you serving organic food grains?

Mostly we insist our supplier farmers grow the crop without using any chemical pesticides. We preach, educate, and enable them to get organic extract like Neem oil, Karanj Oil to curb insects and pests on the crop.

What if we find larvae in grains or Pulses?

We try our level best to sort the grains and pulses. Our operations are manual. We are not using any chemical to prolong the shelf life of the products. To maintain quality and taste, we are providing unpolished pulses and grains. Hence, there is small possibility of getting grains and pulses with larvae once in a while.
However, if brought to our notice, we replace such products, without any charges.

You are providing vegetables in polythene. It is creating a disposal issue. How you are taking care of this concern?

You may please return us the polythene bags used for fruits and vegetables we are providing.
To take care of environmental aspects, we are collecting it to recycle.